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Our company, which was established under the umbrella of Erak Group in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, in 2008, has been continuing its services under the WTouristic brand since 2018. 
We provide all local services from A to Z in tours organized by the world's leading travel agencies, especially from Turkey, Germany, Austria, England and Scandinavia, and hosting more than 80,000 guests annually. 

In addition, we continue our activities to provide all the services you need for touristic or corporate company organizations, especially in all Balkan and Central European countries, as well as in countries such as Lebanon, Cyprus, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

We act as your solution partner in the planning and successful implementation of the organization from A to Z by offering different destination and competitive budget alternatives in training and dealer meetings, incentive and motivation trips, and year-end evaluation meetings.

Our principle is to ensure that the organizations planned by our business partners are safe and suitable for every budget, to prioritize customer satisfaction and to provide your guests with pleasant and entertaining travel experiences.

Gece Mesaisi

Pre-planning before organization

Exploratory work for design

On-site Experience

Perfect Finishing Touches

Our partners 

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